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Get a loan with good interest with Nanollite

Most time, individuals and business owners might need cash for one thing or the other urgently. The process of getting loan in bank is long and they often request for document you might not have, so the best alternative is to get loan online and Nanollite loan has go you covered.

Nanollite load is affordable and very easy to get. If you have used paylater or branch, then this is for you. The only difference is that we are not the ones giving you the loans, anyone can come on the platform and invest, with a specific interest rate and tenure, it is now left to you to choose the loan you want.

You would be considering the amount, tenure and interest rate. On the investor side, the investor doesn’t need to worry too much about repayments, because we would be repaying the investor at the end of the tenure, however, on the borrower side, we would add additional charges that the user will eventually pay.

The interest rate is between 0% and 24%. This means that an investor cannot set the interest rate higher than 24%. We also take a standard charges of 2% and if the borrower is unable to pay up before deadline, we would automatically add 5% to the interest rate.

The platform is basically for those who need money and those who want to make more money. The investors do not have to worry about borrowers not paying back.

Also the borrowers do not have to worry about us collecting too much personal details. Infact, our mobile app does not ask for any special permissions like location, contacts, messages or call logs.

Download the app on Google Play Store or visit the website here


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