Amazon has come up with another update that will allow those that want to watch video clips of a music video to do so. The Amazon music unlimited will now be giving an option for subscribers to be able to watch video clips of their favourite music if available. Instead of going to other apps like YouTube to watch music video, Amazon has made it possible for you to stream music videos at your convenience.

This is great news for those that love to watch music videos, this feature is now available for all users of Amazon Unlimited Music. This feature is available for all active users, to benefit from the feature a Prime subscription is not enough (those that have the subscription can automatically access Amazon Music). You must have subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited or the full version of Amazon company’s music streaming service.

The new features will also make the video to appear in the artist profile apart from the one listed in the search result. Also, a button is integrated to make subscribers to easily navigate from music to video easily while listening to their favourite music on the multiplayer.

For example, if you are listening to a song with your phone in your pocket or you are holding it, you can easily switch to the video version of the song but just a click on the button. It looks easy, right?

This feature has been available on other music streaming platforms like Apple Music, YouTube, and Tidal, now amazon is now on the list. The only popular music streaming platform that has not to join the list id Spotify, which put more focus on podcasts rather than integrating video option for users.

Last month, Amazon Music service introduces the X-Ray option to enhance their service, these features are on the Unlimited version as well as the basic one. X-Ray is a common name to everyone, on Prime Video, the X-Ray feature has made it possible to know details about a film being played, you can see the names of the actors, the release date, who composed the soundtrack and much more with just a click.

What this feature does on Amazon Music is quite different, it automatically shows the lyrics of the song you are playing. All you need to use this option is just a click to access the complete text and those using a smartphone just need to rotate the interface to landscape mode which will show the text in the maximum possible size. Moreover, the words light up when they are sung by the artist, thus allowing to improvise even a karaoke.


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