Minecraft is one of the most played video game all over the globe because of its ability to transform a mundane thing into an adventure that can be extremely difficult to complete. You will learn how to tame a cat in Minecraft today.

Before we go deep on how to tame a cat, we need to access the steps to complete before you can capture a cat before proceeding to tame it. The first thing you need to do to tame a cat is to capture an ocelot in Minecraft. Ocelot is a creature that will transform into a cat if it is properly cared for. To do this, you will need to build a fish rod and capture a large amount of fish. Now let’s see how to carry out these on Minecraft.

How to catch an ocelot

As explained in the previous paragraph, the first thing to do will be to try to catch an ocelot using fish caught. So let’s start with how to create a fishing rod.

How to make a fishing rod

To build a fishing rod, you need three units of sticks and two units of string. You can find the first of the two-elements very easily while you will have to fight spider to get the rest. Now let’s see how you can get things done;

  • Stick: Place two units of wooden planks on a workbench and start construction
  • Lanyard: defeat a series of spiders or you can create it using cobwebs found in abandoned fortresses or mines (to catch cobwebs you will need to enchant a sword with “Velvet Touch”)

Take the three units of stick and the two units of string, place them on a workbench and start building the fishing rod to catch fishes.

How to catch fish

When you are done building your fishing rod, you can now proceed to the next step which is catching fishes to use a bait for an ocelot. The amount of fish you need to catch an ocelot is ten units of fish.

  • Reaching a stream
  • Select the “Fishing rod” object you created in the previous step
  • Use the right mouse button to launch the hook
  • Wait for something to bit the rod, it is not always fish
  • Call up the hook using the right mouse button
  • Repeat this process until you catch at least ten fishes

Bonus: create a leash

This is not a compulsory task, but we recommend that you should create a leach. A learn is an important object that will simplify the capture of the leopard. To generate it you will need: four units of string  (available as seen above) and a ball of Slime (you need to fight against the “Slime” to get this, almost always present in the swamps)

After you have gotten all these elements, place them on a workbench and start building the leash.

Where to find an ocelot

For you to find and finally capture an ocelot it will be necessary to move around the foliage of the “Jungle”. The ocelot will not attack the user in any way, however, it will tend to run away the moment you approach it. The best way to capture an ocelot is to slowly approach from behind and use the leash to restrain him.

How to tame a cat

Once you capture the leopard, it should be transported in a large and closed place, in order to be able to free it, but at the same time prevent it from escaping.

  • Release the ocelot and approach slowly (maintain a distance of about ten blocks)
  • Add the caught fish to the quick slot and select them to hold them in your hand
  • Wait for the leopard to smell the fish and to approach it spontaneously (in this phase it will be necessary to remain motionless)
  • Select to throw the fish when the ocelot is close enough
  • Continue doing this until the leopard change to a cat by changing colour.


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