Toyota has made some information public on the company second-generation Mirai fuel-cell electric car. The electric car is designed to be sleek, compact and cheap when compared to Toyota’s forme release. The most surprising thing about the car is the price when compared with its predecessor.

The new Toyota Mirai price is set at $45,500 which is over $9,000 cheaper than other models. The decrease in price does not make the car inferior, there are many reasons a buyer will love this car. There is 30% increase in range and it can travel 402 miles on a full tank of hydrogen on XLE grade cars. As a bonus, Toyota will give you $15,000 of hydrogen fuel when you buy Toyota Murai, is that not awesome.

Unlike the first generation of the car which is a front-wheel-drive, the new model is a rear-wheel-drive which can be used as a sport-luxury vehicle. The Murai 2021 has a striking design, cutting-edge technology, more engaging driving performance, and a much lower EPA range rating. The car was built on the same GA-L platform with the Lexus LS sedan with a lower but longer body and has wider standard 19-inch wheels.

Toyota Murai

The car as said by Toyota is made of four-wheel independent suspension with the aim of increasing the agility and handling quality and offers a better comfortable ride to those that care. The advantage of the rear-wheel is the provision for additional hydrogen storage, which allows the range to stretch up to 402 miles on the XLE.

Toyota takes safety and security as a priority in the production of this new car, it is fitted with Safety Sense 2.5+ system. The car also has speeding dynamic radar cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping capacity.
Also, the Toyota Murai has a blind-spot monitoring and rear traffic alert on the car. The car is designed in five colors which buyers have an option to pick from. All the car’s lights are LED; the side marker, the headlights, the front and rear turn signals, the taillights, are all LED.

In the car interior, there is an eight-inch digital gauge cluster, and also a 12.3 inches touchscreen multimedia display.


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