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Motorola release four new Moto G7 series

Motorola is entering it’s seventh generation phone with four different series, Moto G7-series. The Moto G series will deliver a better camera, chipset and faster charging. This series will be available by mid-February. Moto G7 Plus: Clear Photography The most powerful of the G7-series is the Moto G7 Plus. It’s feature a camera that can […]

Microsoft don’t want you to buy Office 2019

Microsoft just launch a new ad campaign for it’s Office Suite. Normally, the aim of the app should be to promote it to attract users. But in this case, it is different, instead of highlighting the features of Excel and Word Microsoft decide to put Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2019 against each other. In […]

Skype introduce new feature: Will this attract more users?

The rise of WhatsApp, Facebook and other calling and messaging apps have made Skype less relevant. Skype is once what everyone put hope on for  video call and messaging. Skype has add new features to outshine other app. Who knows is this new feature will makes people to run back to Skype. The Microsoft-owned service, Skype has add […]

Facebook introduce new features to delete sent message

Facebook have now introduce a new features for Messanger. The features will allow Messanger users to delete unwanted message. This happen when Mark Zuckerberg was caught deleting message he sent on the Messanger. You can now remove any message you sent accidentally on Facebook Messenger. Any message you mistakingly sent will be deleted from others not to […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 variants: 12GB RAMĀ 

Samsung Galaxy S10 +

Quality mobile phone lovers has been looking forward to the arrival of various mods of Samsung Galaxy S10 line, as the phone company never disappoint. The Samsung Galaxy S10 variant will enter the mobile phone marker on February 20 will awesome design and features. Samsung Galaxy S10 variants info As the release date draw near, […]

Windows 10 October 2018 Update now available

Most Windows 10 users had a very bad time while trying to update their Windows 10 around October/ November 2018. Microsoft have to release the update again but some users had to change keys several times which became so hard for users to cope with. Microsoft has release a statement stating that the update is […]

China plan on achieving 6G network by 2030

5G network has been hit on Android mobile device for a while now, but China has take a step above other countries with the plan for 6G network. As said by the China Securities Journal, plan has already been put in place to make sure 6G network is achievable in 2030. The magazine make reference […]