Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air Specs Review, Performance

Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air

The Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air is an affordable version of the Tecno Pouvoir 2. This phone comes with a very strong battery that will last for days with a single charge. There are many similarities between the Tecno Pouvoir 2 Air and Pouvoir 2. Though, the Pouvoir 2 Air have setback when compared to the […]

Samsung to unveil it Foldable smartphone

Samsung have been planning of releasing a foldable phone to the market for sometimes now. Though they are not the first to unveil a foldable smartphone but Samsung foldable phone will be the first people will consider buying. Samsung’s next press will take place in weeks to come where they are expected to reveal it’s first flagship […]

Russia to disconnect totally from the internet: Read details

The whole world has been revolving round the internet for decades now. Both yooung and old are seen roaming the internet to chat and get information. But now, Russia has decide to completely disconnect from the internet. A recent Russian law would compulsory the service provider to totally disconnect Russia from the internet. The purpose […]

Google Docs launch new API for autonomous service

Google in an announcement today stated that a new API is now available for Google Docs. The new API will allow developer to automate many of the things they do manually with the company’s online office suite. This new API has been in preview by the developer since last April’s Google Cloud Next 2018, it is […]

Lava R5 Specs Review, Price, 4G network

The Lava R5 is a large screen smartphone that is good for gaming. The smartphone have notch display and it’s the third phone from Lava to Bear the beauty.  It also have large space for gamers to store heavy files. In addition, the phone have a strong battery and also comes with Al in the camera department. […]

Infiny Hot 7 Lite Specs Review, 4G phone

Infinix Hot 7 Lite

Infinix Hot 7 Lite has been the talk for weeks now. This phone is still a rumored device that will be released on February 2019. This phone is going to feature a large display. It also have a high screen resolution for sharp picture and quality video. Among other features of Infinity Hot 7 is […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite VS Xiaomi Mi 8 Comparison

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is the affordable model of the Galaxy S10 variants. Samsung are known for producing smartphone with great camera and good performance. Xiaomi Mi 8 is a phone with attractive design and other awesome features. These two phones are flagship phones. The Xiaomi Mi 8 is also an affordable phones. We will […]

Google launch new Andiantrum encryption for cheap smartphones

Google has officially launch Adiantum for low-end smartphones.  This new encryption will offers protection for all low-end smartphones users. It is launch to serves as an alternative to AES. The AES is the encryption found in high and mid range phones. The Advance Encryption Standard (AES) is not always compatible with the low-end phone processor. Google […]

Samsung Galaxy M20 Spec Review, Performance: V-display

Samsung Galaxy M20

Samsung has release it first smartphone with notch; the Samsung Galaxy M20. This phone did not run Android 9 Pie as Operating System, however, it will doubles as Exynos 7 smartphone. This phone offers great features in its own way and it will easily upgrade to the latest Android version in no time. The smartphone […]

Opera now offer free VPN for Android

Opera browser has take a bold step to become the first browse to offer VPN service. This new feature will now be available on mobile. The company just announce that it’s Android browser app will now have a free VPN. This feature will be available for the app beta user gradually. This VPN is going […]